Executive Management

Kishore Lulla

Executive Chairman and Group Chief Executive Officer

Sunil Lulla

Chairman and Managing Director Eros India

Vijay Ahuja

Executive Director

Prem Parameswaran

Group Chief Financial Officer and President of North America

Rishika Lulla

CEO – Eros Digital

Mark Carbeck

Chief Corporate and Strategy Officer

Ridhima Lulla

Chief Content Officer

Pranab Kapadia

Head of International Distribution

Surender Sadhwani

Head of Middle East Operations and Syndication

Ali Hussein

Chief Operating Officer – Eros Now

Lokesh Chauhan

Chief Technical Officer – Eros Now

Shampa Banerjee

Chief Product Officer – Eros Now

Rachin Khanijo

VP Marketing – Eros Now

Farokh Gandhi

Chief Financial Officer Eros India

Nandu Ahuja

Head of Theatrical Distribution

Kumar Ahuja

Head of Acquisitions

Aamod Gupte

General Counsel Eros India

Amita Naidu

Chief Public Relations Officer

Amit Sharma

Head of Music and Publishing

Abhay Bhalerao

Head of Investor Relations Eros India

Rafiq Gangjee

Chief Marketing Officer

Abhishekh Kanoi

Chief Compliance Officer Eros India

Neeru Bafna

Chief Talent Officer

Prashant Gaonkar

Head of Airline and High-seas Sales

Narendra Lalchandani

Head of Cable Syndication

Anand Shankar

Group Finance Controller