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Eros Now is Eros International Plc’s leading on-demand South Asian entertainment network accessible anytime, anywhere, on most Internet-connected screen including mobile, web, and TV. With over 11,000 digital titles, Eros Now aims to offer its 113 million registered users and 10.1 million paying subscribers worldwide the promise of endless entertainment hosting one of the largest libraries of movies, as well as premium television shows, music videos and audio tracks, unmatched in quantity and quality. Product features, such as video in HD, multi-language subtitles, movie downloads and high quality original drama series differentiate the Eros Now entertainment offering. 

We currently offer subscribers the ability to consume content via our vast distribution network ranging from TVs, digital video players, television set-top boxes, connected devices and across both feature and smart phones. We have agreements in place with various telecommunications operators as well as cable and satellite providers to distribute the Eros Now service. In some cases the partner may bill the subscriber directly for the Eros Now service or otherwise promote offers on services or products with Eros Now as a bundled proposition. We continue to strategically align our relationships with existing partners and distribution channels to further grow and monetize our platform and service.

Eros is extending its technological expertise in content curation by using world-class technology for its Original Content. Each original is/will be given the treatment of a film in terms of technology used and the detailing it requires from cinematography to production at which it is created. The technology on the platform gives consumers the ease of manoeuvrability, including categorization, search-ability and stacking of content under different domains for easy consumer access. Eros Now is available on the apple App Store, Google Play Store for download and can be streamed on any device including Android, Amazon Fire TV stick, Android TV, Apple TV, Opera TV, making the entertainment experience platform agnostic. Having tie-ups across payment gateways and financial systems worldwide provides a seamless experience to the consumers for payments and downloads.

A subscriber is defined as a customer who consented access to the Eros Now service via our vast distribution network and service. The customer would have made a valid payment to subscribe to a service that includes Eros Now either bundled or on a standalone basis. Subscriptions are assigned according to the geographic location and point of access used at sign-up. Eros Now offers free-trial memberships to certain new and re-joining subscribers. Total paid subscribers may include those who are on a paid, free-trial or via minimum guarantee as long as a method of payment has been provided. 

We offer multiple tiers to access the Eros Now service. In a few select markets, consumers have the ability to register for free. A ‘registered’ user in markets such as India, gets access to a very limited amount of content such as trailers, music videos, select shorts and a few library movie titles for free. At sign-up, an email address or phone number is collected and we aim to convert these users to paid subscribers over time. 

Our business model is subscription based with a focus on scale and high value subscribers. We offer three types of streaming membership plans. Our ‘basic’ plan in India includes access to standard definition quality streaming without functionality. Our ‘plus’ plan in India allows unlimited access and functionality to streaming including access to high definition quality streaming and features such as offline download, watch lists and playlists. Our international “premium” plan includes access to high definition and a full feature set. As of December 31, 2017, our consumer pricing in India is a ‘basic’ plan Rs50 and ‘plus’ plan Rs.100. We take a local approach to international markets with pricing varying across countries. i.e. USA $7.99 USD per month, UK £4.99 GBP, UAE DHMS 20, Malaysia MYR10 etc. 

Exclusive ErosNow Originals

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Featured Films

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